Fashion Innovation Fund


Passion in Fashion in Action

We specialize in the business of fashion. We provide business sectors with a highly specialized total solution that integrates human resources recruitment, store management, marketing, and consultation. For this reason, the advancement of the fashion industry is the most important foundation for us as we aim for growth.

There is no doubt that the importance of innovation is growing, especially in IT-related technologies, not only in fashion, but business as a whole.  With the sincere desire to contribute to the further development of the fashion industry, to actively support efforts leading to innovation and promoting cooperation with clients, we have reached the establishmnt of corporate venture capital.


Fashion Innovation Fund

1 billion yen

1. Corporate venture capital founding in solution related to fashion businesses

2. Opportunities for investment company's solution to link with our group's 1,000+ clients

3. Solutions in the areas of human resources and marketing can be co-established with our group companies

Start-up companies aiming to develop and provide innovative solutions applicable to the fashion industry


We will actively interact with investee companies and aim to introduce investment company's solutions to customers for early adoption

Respect the capital policy of investee companies and do not necessarily require IPO

Our Group

WORLD MODE HOLDINGS (WMH) is only solution group providing services exclusively for the fashion industry in Japan.

From human resources to education, store operations, marketing, consultation and many more... our group holds a spectrum of specialists with rich expertise in the fashion business.
Each company form specialist teams that are tailored to tackle each client’s challenges and to deliver maximum impact in performance.
This is why WMH can offer comprehensive and practical solutions.

Contributing to solve difficulties in recruitment, training and deployment of professionals.

iDA brings WORKING DREAM® a reality for all people and enterprises operating in the fashion industry. With “professionalism”, “country-wide network” and “competence in training”, iDA offers a wide range of solutions covering manpower referral and outsourcing, recruitment support, web-site management for mid-career and new graduate job placement, human resources development, new store opening consultation and store operations services.

From personnel training to client development – consulting clients on the growth of people, leading to the success of stores.

A One-Stop solution service that offers a variety of training programs: sales techniques, management, level-specific training, etc. as well as methods for store operations: accounting, client development, event management, etc. and on-the-job training.  Store operation diagnostics by professional researchers and the preparation of customer-handling manuals can also be arranged.

Integrated marketing based on the best of both the real and digital world.

Our deep solutions are extracted by focusing on the client's challenges and not only depend on the power of advertisements. Finding an optimum combination of means: advertisements, SP, CRM, OEM, licensing, EC and SNS, we construct a business model that best suit the client’s true nature of business and of the market, as well as the strengths of their brands.

Strategy planning based on the most advanced data science.

Leveraging on the latest data science, we offer a mid to long term strategy for the brand.
Based on in-depth analyses of data collected from various customer touch points, we deliver the customer journey data, with which a consistent strategy is planned, covering from product development to sales and promotion.

Offering highly qualified store operation management service all over Japan.

We have been managing stores of major foreign affiliated luxury brands and Japanese brands.
FourAmbition owns know-how in trainig highly skilled professional store staffs with good customer service and skilled sales methods.

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